Do you agree that brighter skies and fresh blooms make spring the season of opportunity?

In 2020, faced with challenging living adjustments, many of us were pleasantly surprised by what we learned about ourselves. Among our breakthroughs, we fell in love with our gardens again – tidying, re-configuring and beautifying them.

Happily, Britain’s focus on garden enhancements will continue this year. Ready to make your garden gorgeous? Let’s dig into 3 often-overlooked facts that will help you beautify your outdoor space this spring - making it more comfortable, functional and supportive of long term happiness.




1: Touch makes us happy

Add textured materials to your garden. The touch and feel of your outdoor space can bring enormous benefits to your mood. Did you know, for example, that in the womb, touch is the first sense babies develop? Most fascinating of all, touch stimulates the brain and releases endorphins - the chemical that relieves stress, pain and boosts our happiness.

By adding a soft rug, some cute cushions or an inviting throw to your outdoor space, not only will your garden look cosy, but you could spark daily feelings of joy, too. Famous British Poet John Keats said it best when he wrote, “Touch has a memory.”

For beautifully tactile garden furniture, our Rattan Day Bed is the perfect choice. Boasting 4 scatter cushions, you'll love how inviting it looks and how peaceful it makes you feel. It’s practical, too, thanks to a smart interlocking footstool that allows you to use it as a full-sized day bed or two separate seating solutions for your outdoor gatherings and parties. On-trend, finished in a popular charcoal grey, this day bed adds comfort, practicality and style to any garden.

For even more versatility, our Multi-Use Rattan Lounge Set gives you a host of configuration options. Elegantly styled, with a choice of two classic colours, this set offers a real touch of luxury. And, for those of us who don’t live with others, the head-turning Egg-Shaped Rattan Swing Chair is the ultimate expression of ‘me time’, thanks to its sumptuous deep materials and exquisite design. This is true elegance.

2: The human Eye is remarkable

This might surprise you, but the human eye is made-up of over two million working parts. Two million! Maybe that explains the growing popularity of garden statement pieces - those bold but beautiful additions that inspire awe at first sight. From our premium arched vintage garden mirror to our elegant wrought iron arches, a single statement piece will add a real sense of occasion to your garden design this spring.



TIP: remember that natural, earthy tones like green, brown and blue encourage calm, grounded moods. Pops of vibrancy like orange, red or yellow can inspire creativity and lift your energy. Which will you go for?

3: Cleaning reduces stress

Despite the uncertainties around us, we've uncovered stunning research that really made us smile. Studies have found a direct link between cleaning and reducing anxiety. Seemingly, “[cleaning] gives people a sense of mastery and control over their environment,” assistant professor of psychology at the University of Southern California, Darby Saxby, told Vice.

Similarly, a 2010 study published in the scientific journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin measured the way 60 people discussed their homes. The study found that those who described their living spaces as “cluttered” or full of “unfinished projects” were more likely to be depressed and fatigued than those who described their homes as “restful” and “restorative”.

Our solution? Well, we don’t recommend you clean and tidy your garden. Instead, we’d love you to effortlessly clean and tidy it. The goal is to reduce stress, right? So why not browse our Bulldozer range of outdoor brooms and brushes - loved for their surprising ruggedness and standout performance. This range guarantees you a heightened level of cleaning without any extra effort. In fact, thanks to its tough design, large brushhead and a purposeful blend of strong and soft PVC bristles - which help you collect debris of all sizes - our Original Yard broom is, of course, a customer favourite!

Remember, when speed and efficiency is your priority, our range of garden power tools are unrivalled for handy, time-saving performance. From hedge and grass trimmers to pressure washers, flail mowers and lawnmowers, you’ll find the perfect tool to shape your dream garden.






Finally, how happy would you feel knowing your beautiful garden also supports a healthier planet? To enjoy this peace of mind, our plastic-free home cleaning range, developed in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, is the perfect set. Made from sustainably-sourced materials, whether it’s our natural Coco wooden broom, natural soft coconut handbrush or metal shovel dustpan, a percentage of your purchase goes directly towards protecting our seas. On behalf of the turtles, fish and all their friends, thank you for caring.

Happy Spring.