Fresh, fast pizza, every time

With an OTTIMO pizza oven, making your favourite pizza is quick, easy and enjoyable. Baked in just 60-seconds, your hot, crispy pizza is ready before you know it.
In fact, your only challenge is picking the toppings.

Portable and beautifully designed, OTTIMO is a celebration of friends, family and food.

heats up in less than

15 minutes

perfect pizza in just

60 seconds*

Clean & easy to use

No Mess, No Smoke, No Fuss

Perfect temperature control

Delicious pizza every time

Low maintenance

Turn on, Bake, Turn off

Our pizza was even more delicious than we dare to hope. I'd absolutely recommend, it's easy and a lot of fun!

Tash - Brighton

Whether your favourite pizza is rich and smoky, hot and spicy or includes pineapple we won’t judge, it’s your choice every time, so go fresh and give everyone what they love.

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With freshly baked pizza, ready in just 60-seconds, OTTIMO means it’s pizza time in no time!