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Promotional OFD Units

Impeccable merchandising plays a significant part in the success of a products sales. The right merchandising solutions help utilise store space to maximise sales and drive volume. Our UK design and merchandising team can offer advice suitable for your needs. We have a wide variety of OFD’s (On Floor Display), CDU’s (Counter Display Unit) and packaging options available.

On Floor Displays

OFD’s (On floor displays) are suitable for products with handles such as mops, brooms and snow scoops as well as smaller products such as dish brushes, hand brushes and other small products. These boxes are easy to ship and easy to merchandise in store as the boxes are already made up. OFD’s are ideal for promoting new products, seasonal products (ie snow scoops) and special promotions.

We have the ability to offer a wide variety of OFD’s, these are Full standard pallet boxes, Half Euro pallet boxes, Quarter Euro pallet boxes, Standard Quarter pallets, Shipper units, Stackable units and wooden stands.